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Time for another round of blogwhoring.  I found some really interesting reads this week and hope that you will take the time to check them out.  As always take the opportunity to share what you have been reading and writing this week.  Please feel free to share a bit about your week as well.

This week was pretty uneventful in our home.  We only had one incident of Mayhem bathing in the toilet.  The unhusband did commit the ultimate sin and informed me that my corn bread sucks.  Apparently it is dry and crumbly.  No I didn’t mush him, but I thought about it.

The Fate of the SUV and the Lower Classes

Alice and Rebecca, Embracing the Complications

recreate Jesus in their own image

Johann Hari: How Navratilova leads the way for lesbians

White people think that people of colour have more culture

The Tiger Woods president

Who Wakes Up And Says, “I Wish I Could Be Oppressed Too”

Awesome Names For MRA Fuckwit Blogs

El Buen Canario & the Bloody Cage

yOni’s menstrual tip board



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