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Well, we all survived another week.  It’s been a rough week as both the boys have colds.  The little one is particularly miserable and has been cussing us all out at every opportunity.  I cannot wait for them to get better so that we can return to our normal level of insanity.  As usual tell me about your week and share what you have been reading or writing. Let the weekly blogwhoring begin.

What If You Rape Someone While Sleepwalking

When Fat Hatred, Emotional Blackmail, and a God-Complex Meet…

A New Journalistic Low

Mothers and Fathers Who Murder Get Treated Differently Because They’re Different

Safe Haven Laws Are Not Working

Trans Murder Apology

Michelle Obama

Peeve Time: “The Obese” As Walking Dead

Women shouldn’t have to fight for their rights

Darfur: When Assault Becomes A Reason For Genocide


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