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I am trapped in my house in under what feels like feet of snow.  I officially hate winter and want to mail myself to Hawaii.  I don’t need a white Christmas, it doesn’t make me nostalgic or weepy.  I hate snow.  The boys are counting down the days and in between licking each other and fighting they are trying to be good for Santa. 

Below you will find a list of some interesting posts that I came across this week.  Please check them out.  As usual consider this an open thread.  Please drop your links in comments and tell me a bit about your week.

Racial Hierarchy in the Adoption World.

Hasn’t anybody ever told you a handful is enough?

Gays: Not the last Oppressed Minority

Why Is Victim A Dirty Word?

cause i love a party

When Will “We” Be Able To Eff-Up and Get Another Chance

No Actually I Won’t Shut Up

The End Of Feminism As We Know It?

Is It Just Me?

refuse to listen to foreign speakers of english 


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