Donna Brazile Is Not Going To The Back Of The Bus

Not much can be added to such inspiring commentary.  Failure to acknowledge the ways in which race continues to be a divisive issue only exists for the purposes of maintaining white privilege.  Daily the ways in which black bodies continue to be marginalized and exploited are obvious for to those that seek truth about the race hierarchy.  We live in a binary world and the idea that such division would apply to everything else but race is ridiculous.  Good and bad, black and white is the way that we have ordered our world.

I am often amused when people tell me how much better things are getting, after all there is a black man leading the Democratic Party.  The success of one man does not equate to the uplift of an entire group of people.  There have always been those that have been able to defeat the odds and achieve success in certain areas despite race, class or gender but this has never meant that equality.  The fact that some white people view their vote for Obama as a vote for equality in some ways reifies difference.  His body has become our racial limitus test, without the recognition that the problem is bigger than one man.

If Obama is elected in November, inequality in education, housing, and employment will not disappear in January.  Even if he manages to get two terms, racism will continue to be a poison in our society.  Voting for Obama because you believe in what he stands for is a good thing, but voting for Obama because  you think that it proves that you are somehow enlightened and anti-racist only proves the degree to which you still see difference.  Obama is not a cure all for the ills of society.  He is not some shot of penicillin that will cure the world of the virus of racism.

Fighting racism is a struggle that must be engaged in everyday.  It means noticing the little things like whether or not the textbooks your child is reading in school highlights a variety of races and cultures.  It means calling out your friends and associates when they makes racist statements.  It means acknowledging your privileges to the best of your ability and passing on this knowledge to your children.  Pulling the lever for Obama may be the best thing that you can do for you country, in terms of the domestic and foreign policy but it is not necessarily the best thing that you can do to end racism.  The struggle for equality is going to take the work of many an no one, no matter how intelligent or kind hearted can as individual create change on such a large scale. Vote as you see fit but remember the struggle continues on.

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