Do You Know What A Gaycist Is?

Okay, as you have already guessed, my choice in television is very, very, odd.  Recently I have been watching Happy Endings. Yes, I know the show is full, FULL of problems, but I cannot help laughing when I watch it.  On last nights episode, they decided to introduce the audience to the term gaycist, and I thought I would throw it out for your feedback.

So, since I could not find a youtube video for the conversation in question, I am going to share with you a transcript from the show.  Max, a White gay male, is sitting on the couch playing video games with Brad, a Black straight male.  Brad has just set Max up on a blind date.

Brad:  So how did you date go with Franklin?
(The scene cuts to the date were Max is clearly uninterested in anything Franklin has to say and in fact is on the road to drinking as a form of escape.)
I thought you guys would have a had a good time you know, you’re both
Max: Both what?
Brad: Super cool dudes.
Max: Pause (pauses video game) you were going to gay.
Brad: Uh uh (shaking his head no)
Max: It all makes sense now.  You my friend are a gaycist.
Brad: What?
Max: You think that all gays are the same.  You think that just because Franklin and I are both friends of Elton, we’re just gonna pack it up and move to Vermont and start selling antiques.
Brad: No I did not say that.
Max: Unpause (restarts game) Relax, it’s fine, I’m just messing with you.  Besides, some parts of the stereotype are true.  I mean just because we didn’t get along, doesn’t mean that we didn’t have raging sex in the bus terminal.
Brad: Really?
Max: Pause. No! Playdate suspended on account of your gaycism.

Later in the show, Max goes on to prove his point about Brad’s bigotry by inviting a Black Jehovah’s witness to join them.  When Brad asks why he thought they would have anything in common, Max responds, “I don’t know because you’re both”, while shrugging and looking pointedly at them.

I know that what Brad did was clearly homophobic, but I have to say I kind of like having a separate word to accurately describe this situation. I also think that even though this show has been full of every single trope that you can possibly think of, cast as ironic comedy, the point that was made in this episode, is so very necessary.  We have a tendency to hold onto harmful stereotypes, as if they were some sort of essential truth, when in fact, they exist solely to denigrate marginalized communities.

So, what are your thoughts on the term gaycist?

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