DNC Convention, Racism Reflections and Other Minor Irritations

Like many people, I watched the DNC convention last night.  Before Michelle’s speech many pundits saw this as an opportunity for her to redeem herself from what they perceived to be her earlier political guffaws.  That their reaction to Michelle and her message could be based in racism and sexism is something that few sought to examine.  The lens of white privilege and racial construction have entwined to create Michelle as the angry, ball busting black shrew.  She is none of these things.  As her speech last night clearly showed she is a bright, loving, committed woman who has a destiny with greatness.  This life path is not due to her marriage to Barack, rather it is based in her great sense of self,  poise and  grace. 

Even as I watched her speak and thrilled at her message, I knew that race would again raise its ugly head and seek to not only diminish her, but Baracks campaign.  Unfortunately I was proven correct within a short period of time. 

Following the conventions I watched Larry King Live.  His guests were Ben Stein, Marsha Blackburn,  and Michael Reagan.  What was intended to be a GOP reaction to the convention quickly became a display of white privilege.  This included the familiar I cannot be a racist or say something racist because I have a niece that is black qualifier.  The commentary was so obviously racist that Larry King had to intervene saying, “I have never seen or heard an intelligent argument that could support racism.”  He followed that up today with his Thoughts on Last Nights Show.

Dear Republicans, clearly you have conceded the black vote as you no longer pretend to be anti-racist.  You posture, and puff out your chests about the majority of the blacks supporting Barack as some kind of reverse racism.  Have you stopped and thought to yourself about what the Republican party has done for people of colour since Lincoln freed the slaves? You may have suckered a few bourgeoisie blacks to vote for you based in class, but the large majority of blacks are aware of exactly what conservatism stands for.  You are trying to conserve the status quo in a country where blacks daily meet racism both in the public and private sphere. Why should they be complicit in their own marginalization and support you?  The GOP has become synonymous with I am suffering because POC of want equality, and I don’t want to give up any of my privileges white man whine.  So while you may profess to love us, even occasionally adopting one of us like we are pets that you can pick up at the SPCA, being your pet black that you can present on command to prove how enlightened you are just isn’t as appealing as it used to be. 

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