Did You Know That the U.K. is for White Folk Only?

Recently, there have been  several instances of White women verbally abusing people of colour on public transportation in the U.K.  What follows is a six minute tirade.

After saying that the passengers come from all over the world, she asks: ‘I’d like to know if any of you are f****** illegal, I’m sure 30 per cent of you are. It’s taking the f****** p***.’

The woman then becomes aggressive towards the man sitting next to her. ‘I hope they f****** catch up with you and shove you off,’ she says.

She adds: ‘I shall punch you in the f****** face. Ninety per cent of you are f****** illegal. I wouldn’t mind if you loved our country.’ [source]

Tell me again why White women deserve to be free of charges of racism.  Tell me again how it is hateful to talk about their actions.  These people were just trying to get from point A to point B, and yet they could not do so without being harassed.  This is the sort of shit people of colour have to put up with every damn day, but yet we are being mean and angry when we publicly address the issues. Though these women were absolutely drunk, intoxication is no excuse for their behaviour. If anything, all alcohol does is reduce inhibitions, which means that these racist, xenophobic ideas were something these women already wholeheartedly believed.

All of these women chose to engage in a racist xenophobic rant.  People of colour can’t possibly be British, they all come from somewhere else.  You will note that every single one of them claimed that people of colour were stealing jobs from White people, and living on the dole.  People of colour were also universally to blame for everything that is wrong in Britain today. This world just isn’t fair to hard working White folk, however do they manage? This is the same shit you hear from White folks in western countries.  I bet the Republicans thought that they had a patent on this kind of attack.

One of things that bothers me about this attack is that people of colour were forced to defend themselves.  In one video, a White woman only intervenes long enough to complain that the noise is waking her baby. (Using racial slurs is no big deal, but if you wake my baby, some shit is going to happen – priorities everyone) Watching as someone gets racially abused in this manner and remaining silent, makes you just as guilty of attacking, because silence implies support. There are a lot of reasons not to get involved in a public tirade, and I can understand fear of violence — but still — it absolutely astounds me that people got on and off the train and had nothing to say about this woman’s rant.

If a White woman was being even remotely intimidated publicly by a man of color, the one thing you can be certain of is that she would have plenty of defenders. Even as White men oppress White women, you can be sure they don’t want any darkie doing it.  White womanhood is uniquely placed as the continual victim, even in instances where they are clearly the aggressors, when people of colour are involved.  Just recently, Jan Brewer had the nerve to wag her finger in Barack Obama’s face, yet she was the one who frightened. (Oh dear, oh dear, wherever are my pearls?) Despite their hostile actions, none of the women were viewed as a threat.  One even attempted on several occasions to physical assault a Black man, and yet it was the victim who had to call out for the driver to stop the bus.

Are you sensing a trend here?  I want to know where the hell the accountability for this behaviour is.  I want to know why it is that people of colour are forced to bear the brunt of this sort of assault, while White people sit there quietly.  I would bet money that these bystanders would be the first to claim that they’re not racist, and then go on to tell us about their best Black BFF. All people are the same right?  Racism is no big deal, and it’s just a few intolerant people right?  Anything and everything to shift blame, rather than take responsibility for the pervasiveness of racism. People of colour have had to wage this battle for generations, and still yet it goes on.  The only way that we are going to see any kind of positive growth, is when White people decide that dehumanizing people of colour based in race is wrong, and start dealing disciplining each other appropriately. The women in these videos are racist, but so are the silent and accepting bystanders.

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