On Thursday August 05, I received a phone call to inform me that my 20 year old nephew had died.

His name was Jesse James Cox and he was known as the gentle giant.  He was 6’5 240 lbs.  He was much loved by his mother, father, two brothers and extended family.  Jesse always had time for everyone and a bear hug for everyone that needed it.  As a family, we are absolutely devastated by his loss and this is magnified by the fact that we are unable to pay for his funeral.  At the side bar you will find a donation box which I have placed to ask for help.  I know that I am asking for a lot of money, but even a five dollar donation will go far to help ease the burden of funeral expenses on the family. Please if you can help us, it would be so gratefully appreciated by his mother, father and every single member of his family.

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