Dear Twilight Fans, Please Join Us in Reality

It seems that every where I look in the last two days, someone is talking about the fact that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson. People have a tendency to invest in celebrity relationships but in the case of the Robert and Kristen, it has been heightened due to their participation in the Twilight movies. To some degree, most of us are fanpoodles about something, but when it comes to Twilight, despite all of it’s problematic elements, some people have clearly surpassed fanpoodle status and are orbiting somewhere around Uranus.

She starts off telling people to mind their own business which is good, but then quickly moves to shaming Stewart for cheating on Pattinson.  She is really no better than the people she is calling out.

Why do you think that people are so invested in this relationship and do you believe that the intensity around this situation is worse than other celebrity infidelities that we have seen?

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