Dear Poor White People

Dear poor white people:

image I am specifically addressing this to the working/under class people who are white; how much longer are you going to continue to be dupes?  Your ability to act in the best interests of others rather than yourselves is idiotic and has lasted generations.  

From the minute the first black slave landed on the continent, it was never in your best interest to support slavery.  Why would someone hire a poor working class white man or woman when they could buy a slave or rent a slave for a nominal fee?  When slavery came under attack, you  foolishly spilt your blood to defend an intuition that impoverished you and dehumanized blacks because you foolishly believed in the value of whiteness.

Along come the Indian wars and you once again lined up to become  murderers.  The lure of supposed dominance and the potential to own land was enough to cause you to act against your interest.  Hello idiot, if they were not going to let Indigenous peoples keep their land, what made you believe the rich bourgeoisie whose ultimate goal is consumption, would allow you to keep your stolen property?  Once again you counted falsely on your white skin to protect  you, forgetting that capitalism only cares about order of exploitation and is intent on swallowing all whole.

image Even when you finally recognized that class consciousness was necessary and formed unions many of them were quickly disbanded when employers questioned your allegiance to whiteness.  Nope, cannot be in a union with a person of color despite the fact that you sweated next to one another in the same mines, or factories.   It is far better to allow the employer to exploit your labour than admit that as proletariat you had more in common with people of color.

Today you join white supremacist groups or so-called border controls convinced that people of color are taking over “your” country.  Latino’s are taking American jobs you scream, forgetting that these are jobs that you don’t aspire to and allowing the bourgeoisie to pay the so-called illegal workers wages that barely provide subsistence and further drive down your wages. 

Thick in your discourse is hatred towards poor women of color on welfare as though they are captains of industry and are living the high life.   Where is your angst towards the white male CEO, who awards himself millions in bonuses while  you look for kraft dinner on sale? 

Every time you have depended on whiteness to protect you, it has only served as a pecking order for exploitation and yet you refuse to see that you have more image in common with a poor working class person of color than a rich white male CEO.  Every time the Republicans cut social programs they don’t exclude poor whites;  it is an assault on ALL poor people and yet you continue to vote for them.

Whiteness does not offer you the protection that you believe that it does.  How many generations are you going to spend on the wrong side of history before finally acknowledging the class commonalities that you share with people of color?  You have been duped into committing atrocious acts, spilt your own blood, and have slaved away in an exploitative capitalist system but hey you’re white right and it has done sooooo much for you. 

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