Dear MRA Infestation and Glenn Sacks Worshippers

Yes I meant to use the word infestation because that essentially is what you are. When you enter a feminist blog your commentary reminds of cockroaches, swarming everywhere disgusting everyone with your presence.  Your commentary is akin to finding a mouse turd in the bottom of a bowl from which you have been eating.  Your what about the mehnz wail is more annoying than a three year old hopped up on sugar, screaming their lungs out because they don’t want to take the nap that they so desperately need.The constant na na na na I can’t hear you with fingers steadfastly plugging your ears is ridiculous. 

I knew daring to use the name Glenn Sacks in a title of a blog post would bring a few of you basement dwellers out, but your determination to pound your chest and shake your fist at reason is truly astounding.  I know that you have become attached to the penis between your legs, but to allow it do all the thinking for you is ridiculous.  I am not sure if you are  aware, but it is meant for urination and sexual activity, not as a second brain. 

I am tired of your false statistics, and cavemen like behaviour.  As much as you would love to return to a time when you could burn women at the stake to steal our property and silence us, feminism is here to stay.  The most ironic part about this is that feminism is a response to the violence, raping, murdering, exploitation and marginalization that men have been engaged in since the beginning of time. That’s right asshole, the very reason feminism exists is because of your virulent hatred of women. 

Right about now you are probably calling me a misandrist. OOOOHHH yeah man hater is really going to hold a lot of weight with me when I have to think twice about walking through a parking lot at night because some sicko might think he has the right to rape me because I have a VAGINA.  Misandrist might upset me if I didn’t have to worry week to week how to survive because women make 77 cents to every dollar that men make, which translates into poverty throughout our entire lifetime.  For senior women, women with disabilities, and women of colour the gap is even wider. 

Right, what  was I thinking bringing up statistics in this conversation. Unless it is some invented, or somehow manipulated social statistic that magically proves that men are more disenfranchised than women it doesn’t count as truth. I honestly wonder how many of you believe that Oswald killed Kennedy with a single bullet as well? Hey do you make yearly trips to the southern shore of Groom Lake to convene with the other conspiracy theorists? Honestly the idea that men are somehow threatened, or living a life devoid of privilege is about as ridiculous as the idea that Holocaust did not happen, or that no airplane flew into the pentagon on 911.

I would call you all crazy, but I don’t believe it is fair to the intellectually challenged to conflate your idiocy with their disability.  What I see most in your anger and self righteous indignation is fear.  That’s right fear.  The idea that men and women can exist equally side by side threatens you.  I understand a world where your penis is not more valuable than an arm or a leg is earth shattering, but if you were actually people of value such a thought would not be threatening to begin with.



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