Dear Black People Stop Singing About Chicken

If you’re Black, then you’re well aware of the association of Blackness and chicken.  Last June, Mary J Blige set off a slew of angry commentary when she filmed a commercial for Burger King in which she sang about chicken. Thankfully, the commercial was pulled however this is not the first time when we have seen Black people performing coonery in the media over chicken. It’s bad enough when actors, singers and dancers get paid to do this kind of performance but it is certainly worse when the average citizen takes to youtube to perform songs about chicken.

Look, if you want to act a fool publicly, that is your business but when you start to sing tributes to chicken, it reflects on all Black people because unlike Whiteness, we don’t have the privilege of individuality.  Just stop the coonery and the buffonery.  There is no reason to sink to this level and I don’t care how much you love chicken and biscuits.

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