Daughters Of Legacy


To the world, they are activists, leaders, icons. But these women know them as “Dad.” The daughters of MLK, Ali, Malcolm X, Johnnie Cochran and Sidney Poitier… in their first conversation, together.

Sat. & Sun., 6 & 11 p.m. ET.


When I first heard about this special I was very excited.  The idea of these women coming together to share their experiences with the world is something I never really thought would happen… and in a sense it did not.  The advertising gives the impression that they are all in the same room discussing relevant issues, but they were split into two distinct groups.

I don’t know quite what I expected when I sat down to watch this, but the end result is that I was decidedly underwhelmed.  There was no great truth telling, or even a close feeling of kinship.  I was further irritated that this is a story about women, and the reporter was a man.  Are our stories only valuable when they are mediated by a man?  Even though I am disappointed with how this turned out, I will watch tonight’s episode.  It is my hope that they will move beyond the surface level, and reveal some deeper insights into their lives.

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