Dark Girls

The following promotion for the movie Dark Girls has been making the rounds on Black blogs but I thought that I would post it for those of you have not had a chance to see it yet.  Dark Girls is set to be released later this year and talks about the issue of colourism (or hueism) within the Black community.

This very short preview left me in tears.  Some people would consider me to be of medium complexion and others would say that I am decidedly dark skinned but I have to say that though I didn’t share the experiences of these women, I know how hard it is to be a women of colour in which everything White is idealized.  I will never be light bright and damn near White and for far too many that would be enough to label me an unwoman. 

Colourism in our community is a direct result of slavery but it continues on because we reside in a White supremacist world.  Children are taught from birth that everything Black is ugly and it does not help that the few Blacks that have managed to lead successful careers publicly are largely very light skinned.  Do you think that people would have been as accepting of Barack Obama if he were a dark skinned man like Don Cheadle?  This is a sickness within our community that we must continue to resist because by continuing the work of demonizing based on skin colour we are further the White supremacist project.

What are your thoughts on the preview?

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