Dancing With The Stars: Operation Bristol

From the very first week that Bristol took the floor, I believed that she would make a speedy exist.  She was stiff and moved without any sense that she felt the music.  She is quite possibly the most privileged teenage mother in history but I was happy to see her earn an income, with a potential to free her from the grasping claws of her mother.  With the exception of one interview in which she admitted that absence does not work, every single word that comes out of her mouth is clearly from mama grizzly’s playbook.  I watched last night sure in the belief that we had seen the last of Bristol, only to discover that the once again the Tea Party is supporting its teen advocate. Jimmy Kimmel quite accurately referred to her as hurricane Bristol.

According to Jezebel:

It’s been alleged that the Tea Party’s “Operation Bristol” is keeping the teen mom in the competition. However, the real conspiracy is that her conservative supporters have figured out a way to exploit ABC.com’s email-voting feature, allowing infinite votes.

While Bristol Palin denies any Tea Party conspiracy theories, there’s no denying that conservatives have been pushing for votes for Bristol, using blogs and Twitter to start a movement. But what isn’t widely known is the evidence—via message board comments on some conservative sites—that this mobilization involves fixing this (albeit meaningless) election through a technical snafu on ABC’s website, which allows Palin’s supporters to cast an infinite number of email votes

I suppose this is what it takes for a Palin to win because Black women have already proven in a head to head competition, second place is where they belong.

Brandy had a perfect 30 and yet it is Bristol dancing for the trophy.  I have to say it, I am just fucking ill. I know that the people voted for Bristol did not do so based on her performance, they acted to support her mother’s warped political agenda.  I think what makes me ill, is that instead of turning into an opportunity where Bristol could separate herself from her mother’s poisonous influence, this has turned into nothing but a typical power play for Sarah.  I think the audience correctly booed the revelation of Brandy’s elimination last night. 

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