CPS Teachers Feedback Survey

Attention: The survey is closed now. We appreciates your attention and will update once it is open.

CPS Teachers Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Click the CPS Teachers survey official site
  2. Enter the PIN code and password and your school name to start the survey
  3. Answer all the questions by following the instructions of the website and complete the survey

More Information about CPS & Teachers Survey
Chicago Public Schools is the third largest school district in the United States. Chicago Public Schools is committed to providing all children with access to a world-class education in their own community so they can graduate from high school both college and career ready. Chicago Public Schools standards are established by various Board departments, working in collaboration with local, state, and national organizations, as they relate to specific educational areas. These standards reflect requirements and act as guidelines to the Chicago Public Schools, as mandated by of the Board of Education of the City of Chicago.

About Chicago Public Schools Teacher Survey
Survey Website: cps-teachers.nisurvey.com
Survey Incentive: Help CPS improve
Host Website: portal.mineful.com
Marketing Support: Numbers Insight

Reference Links

  1. CPS official website – www.cps.edu
  2. CPS Facebook page – www.facebook.com/chicagopublicschools
  3. CPS Twitter page – twitter.com/ChiPubSchools
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