A couple may have their obese children removed after social services ruled they had not lost enough weight

It is very rare that I don’t have the words to tackle something, but this cut me to the bone, and left me absolutely speechless.  I am going to get you started, and then send you over to The Big Fat Blog to finish.

From The Telegraph, Obese children to be put up for adoption; A couple may have their obese children removed after social services ruled they had not lost enough weight, by Nick Collins:

The mother and father of seven children, six of whom are overweight, face the “unbearable” prospect of never seeing their four youngest again if authorities act on a threat to remove them.
Three girls aged 11, five and one, and a boy aged five, are to be put up for adoption or “fostered without contact” because their parents failed to help them slim down.
This means the parents will be unable to trace them and the family could only be reunited if the children attempt to find their family when they are grown up.
Social services warned the couple three years ago that their children would be taken away from them if they did not bring their weight under control.

According to an article in The New American, Obese Children Removed from Home in Scotland, by Raven Clabough:

The family lived in government housing for two years, called a “Big Brother” house, where they were the subject of government scrutiny. A social worker was present during all meals to monitor the family, and imposed a strict curfew as well as set of rules regarding their lifestyle.

This 2008 story from the Mirror, Parents told to put their six obese children on a diet or face having them taken into care, by Mark Smith, appears to be about the same family.

A couple have been given three months to get three of their six overweight kids slimmer – or have ALL of them taken into care.
The warning centres on their fattest children – a 12-year-old son who is 16 stone, his 12st sister, 11, and a girl who weighs four stone aged just three.

This is taking place in Dundee, Scotland.

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