Cookie Gate

While perusing the Huffington Post this morning I came across the story of a most dastardly deed.  It seems that Cindy McCain has once again been caught in image the act of cookie forgery.  Apparently she submitted a recipe for oatmeal butterscotch cookies that was eerily similar to one by that can be found at Both Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama submitted recipes but attributed them to others. 

The Huffington post waxes on satirically about the chance that yet another intern will be released from their position, for the latest guffaw.  I am actually very irritated by this story.  Has anyone thought about why it is necessary for  potential first ladies in the year 2008 to continue submitting recipes, and playing home maker?  This is just plain Bullshit. If I were Cindy I would have flubbed my way through this as well.  I love my family dearly, but bakeries were created for a reason.

What does the ability to bake a damn cookie, or an apple pie say about a woman as a person?  Does it tell you where she stands on significant campaign issues, like the war in Iraq, the budget, healthcare, or crime and punishment? Supposedly the first lady is the most powerful woman in the United States, but apparently she isn’t worth a damn unless she can bake.  I wonder if she has to wear heels, and a pearl necklace while she does it as well? The national fixation with the domesticity of potential first ladies simply underscores the degree to which we are all subject to gender peformativity.  Notice that neither Barack, nor McCain were asked for a recipe..yeah cause men bring home the bacon, and the women merely exist to cook it. We should attempt to move out of 1950 Betty Crocker land, and get real.  Women today are multi-dimensional with much to offer the world.  This stand behind your man, stepford wife persona that we attempt to attach to first ladies is demeaning to all women.

I am adding a link to this post, Professor What If Wrote about this topic in what can only be described as TKO fashion…Check the link.

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