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I occasionally like to use reddit to surf the net because I find it leads me to sites I otherwise would not have come across.  Yesterday I stumbled upon, Letters From Johns.  Just as the title suggests, it is a blog dedicated to collecting the experiences of men who frequent prostitutes. Most of the men are married (big fucking surprise) with wives that  don’t understand them, or fulfill their sexual needs.  The rest claim to have become so crushed by women that they can only relate to females when they pay for their services.  The posts are written in a whoa is me, no one will suck my dick tone. 

I’m happily married, but my wife and I don’t have sex nearly as often as we used to before our daughter was born, and unfortunately, it’s starting to wear on me. Not only that, but when we do end up having sex, I have to do all the work, get her all worked up and then get to humpin’ at her command. It’s fine and everything, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone focus on me, and my sexual needs and wants, for a change.
It’s not emotional betrayal but rather a physical one, but I strangely don’t feel guilty after, probably because I’m faithful in every other sense of the word. I always, always, always wear a condom so I don’t bring anything home, but I think I’m getting more turned on by the random nature of the hooker-john relationship and the sexual freedom prostitutes engender.

He is exposing his wife to all manner of STD’s, but he is faithful in every “other sense”.  Is there another definition of cheating that I am unaware of? When he was saying his wedding vows,  the part where the minister said, “and keep thyself only onto her” certainly didn’t mean that he should keep his greedy little dick in his pants. My God the burden of being born with a penis and needing to cum.  I feel so much pity for this poor man. Imagine being stuck married to a demanding bitch who wants her own satisfaction in bed.  Why can’t she realize that all that matters is his orgasm.

Since then, I’ve dated one other provider, and a part of me wants very badly to ask out another who I’ve been seeing recently. It’s sad, because the sex is at the level I desire, and, like so many working girls I’ve met, she’s incredibly witty, big-hearted, and intelligent. But there’s no good end. It would break the hearts of so many people in my life if they knew the truth about a relationship that started that way, and I couldn’t live with myself lying about it. I have a suspicion that I will always harbor crushes and strong

Right, they are the ones trying to earn a living and survive but the shame is theirs not yours.  Purchasing womens bodies for your own personal satisfaction is something that every self respecting man should participate in. Being born with a dick does endow certain privileges after all.

I like Asian girls (have since I was a teen). I like their skin, their soft features, their hair. I ordered one over in the middle of the day a month ago. I was very horny, and only wanted a little talk before sex, but after fucking her, cumming on her face and helping her clean up, it’s always a good time to get to know someone with the remaining part of the hour. She was straight off the boat. With Human Trafficking being the boogie man of the 21st century, I wanted to find out how she came to NYC and this line of work.

Yeah, now that he has used her body and cum on her face, its time to pretend that he is capable of viewing her like a human being.  That men like him are the reason women are trafficked in the first place is a connection this predator cannot seem to make.  Isn’t it sweet though that he helped her clean the cum off of her face. In the face of such gallantry and obvious consideration, how could his concern be perceived as anything but legitimate?

The more that I read through this site, the sicker I became.  I fully support sex trade workers and the decisions that they make, however their customers are the vilest pieces of trash to walk the earth.  For their own satisfaction they reduce women to detached bodies and fuckable holes. These men are so caught up in their economic, and male privilege that they cannot see beyond the next opportunity to blow their loads.  Daily they walk side by side with us, blending into society, their perversions hidden from view and now with the anonymity of the internet they have a place to gather and promote this activity as some kind of perverse right. Well you sick fucks, I am calling you out for what you are, and if your balls happen to twist a little with the shame you should be feeling, I hope it hurts just a little.

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