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Hello everyone,

Some of you have probably noticed that your comments aren’t showing up on the blog right away.  I have changed some of the moderation rules for the blog to see if we can cut down on some of the trolls.  If you love interacting, may I encourage you to actually sign in when you comment.  You can use your wordpress, twitter or even just create an Intense Debate account.   There are quite a few blogs that have Intense Debate and so it might be a good idea to create one.  Once you have done this your comments will appear directly on the blog and you won’t have to wait for me to approve them manually.   When I am heavily monitoring the blog, you will find that your comments will appear pretty quickly; however, on a day like today when I am going out of town for the day, it will be a very long wait.  I am trying this out in the interest of having conversations that aren’t interrupted by drive by trolls.  

I have a few posts set to go today, so will have new content to read.  Have a good one, be nice to each other — and I will see you in a bit.

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