Colluder of The Week: Sarah Palin


McCain made it official this morning and chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. Despite the constant republican barrage about experience, he chose a woman with zero foreign policy experience.  At the age of 44 she is also younger than Obama, who has been criticized for his youthful zeal.

So what makes Palin worthy of the colluder of the week award?  Well of course the obvious, supporting John McCain.  Here is a woman who is willing to stand side by side with a man that called his wife a cunt.  Honey, if he can call his wife that imagine what he really thinks of you.  Since you are not his sugar mama, I suspect that he will be entering you in nude mud wrestling contests to make you earn your keep.  Hey maybe you and Cindy can wrestle together and the GOP’s can debate the merit of your attributes while the real men deal with the issues. 

Even without her support of the raving misogynist McCain, Palin is a problematic figure.  She is firmly anti-choice (again I won’t say pro life because none of these oxygen thief fundies really are). I think I am most stunned with her reference to the 18 million cracks in the ceiling. ” It turns out the women of America aren’t finished yet and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all,” she said.  Despite some of the dirty politics played by Hillary, she never once wavered on a womans right to choose.  Palin is not a crack in the ceiling, she is an express elevator ride to the basement.  What women do not need is to be made slaves to their biology.  Becoming a mother may have been a path to fulfillment for her, but not every woman is capable or wants to become a mother. I think that perhaps she has read A Handmaids Tale once to often…She smacks of Serenna Joy.

If only being anti-choice were the only negative on this colluders resume,  I could perhaps forgive her.  Sadly the woman has sipped enough kool aid to be  pro death penalty (yeah no  conflict with her “pro life” stance) and anti gay marriage. In what is perhaps the greatest of flaws, she also believes in…wait for it…drum roll….creationism….Yeah, throw out the science and rationale thought, lets just go with a faith based understanding of the universe.  Dear God, save this woman, or in biblical terms that she can understand, woman heal thyself.

I have dedicated several blog posts to colluders since starting womanist musings. I have continually referred to them as dangerous, and I believe the point is proven by Palin.  If McCain gets elected in Novemeber I am sure a good deal of his success will be due to his partnership with this colluder.  Patriarchy counts on women like Palin to internalize their values.  Just like every other movement on the planet, without the participation of women it would fall flat on its face.  It is women that perform all of the support labour that men either are unwilling to do, or have classified beneath them.  How ironic that if McCain and Walin are elected it will be a historic first…a woman VP. Too bad it will be a colluder who is willing to throw the best interest of women under the bus so that she can achieve access to power.  Hand in your vagina Palin, woman you may be,  but pro woman you are not.

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