Dame Eileen Atkins


This weeks colluder award goes to Dame Eileen Atkins.  In an interview with Times Online she reportedly said the following.

Now girls are expected to have sex before they’re 12, which is terrible. It really upsets me when silly girls get as drunk and aggressive as boys. My skin crawls when I see laddish women presenting television shows who almost slap their thighs as if they’re in panto. I think, ‘Stop. This isn’t what we meant by feminism.’ It’s gone completely wrong. Women think they can have a fantastic career and four children, and knock themselves out trying to do it.

Not only is this woman confused, she seems to believe that her idea of feminism should represent all women.  Right, young women are encouraged to have sex early which is why we have all kinds of slut shaming, and purity balls.  I was also really surprised to learn  that being born with a vagina meant that I had naturally passive and submissive tendencies…gender essentialism anyone?  Finally lets not push for things like socialized daycare and job sharing programs to make it easier for working mothers, lets just return en mass to the kitchen where we belong.  Keep in mind this of course only applies to rich white woman as WOC have always had to work.

h/t The F-Word Blog

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