CNN's Rick Sanchez Calls FOX News Liars

Right on Sanchez.  I especially loved the part, where he showed Bill O’Reilly complaining about the way that CNN covered the event.  That was a great call out.  The problem with Fox is that it does not believe in airing the news, it thrives upon propaganda and rhetoric.  All news networks come with a certain spin but Fox long ago stopped pretending to be fair and accurate and decided to be the voice of the right wing fringe.  This has gotten them a lot of ratings because no other news agency is pandering to their lunacy, however; the repercussion of this decision, is that FOX must invent the news rather than report the news.  I think Rick did a wonderful job in showing the ways in which they are willing to lie and distort facts in order to push an agenda.  If the right wing fringe and Fox news had a point to make, they wouldn’t need to lie would they?

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