CNN: Lou Dobbs or Latinos in America?

I have wondered if CNN continues to have Dobbs in its employ to claim that they present both sides of an issue?  The truth is that the man is affront to all the Latinos working for that network and all those who are subjected to his vitriol through the media. 

His continual use of the word “illegal” is offensive.  He is an educated man and could easily switch to undocumented worker but that term would not trigger the conservative hatred of the Latino community.  These arguments are always wrapped in patriotism, God and country.  Never do those that espouse the views akin to Dobbs admit the underlying racism that is basis of their argument. They speak about undocumented workers stealing American jobs and never show any shame about the way that the US has treated South America.

Where is there anger at the way that Dole and Chiquita have union bashed and even killed workers?  They never seem to complain about the cheap fruits and vegetables that are available but still attack the workers that come in to pick them.  People have been so over worked in those fields that they have died. Women who have come to try and ensure survival for their families have been raped.

Being an American citizen is not an accomplishment, it is an accident of birth. What is there to be proud of in this?  The idea that there is such a thing as an illegal human being on a planet we all share is positively ridiculous.  When you look at the earth from space you won’t see borders because they are artificial constructions of man.  These lines were specifically created to allow the oppression of one group over another.

Men like Dobbs are scared that they will no longer be able to benefit from their undeserved privilege.  POC have historically been constructed as angry and irrational, yet what better descriptors can be used to describe not only Dobbs but men like him?  We have seen an upsurge in angry White men.  They use the language of racism and fear to incite violence.  Keeping Dobs on the air is an affirmation of his hatred.  If CNN wants to continue to be a respected news organization Lou Dobbs needs to go.

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