Clintons 4 McCain

The message here is don’t vote for a dirty Muslim, he’s not like you. White people don’t get educated in places like Indonesia.  He’s not really an American despite being born here and living here most of his life.  What kind of message are we sending to the world if we let one of those people rule over us.  This is the land of milk, honey and white privilege. 

Just ignore that boys impressive resume. He probably got some breaks because of that reverse racist affirmative action program. Ivy league schools have to let a few of the darkies graduate to keep the liberal wingnuts off their backs.  What are you people even thinking about, not only is he  a sambo, he might even be a Muslim.  That’s two strikes right there.  White entitled people of America I implore you to remember who the hard workers in this society are. By electing him president you are throwing away your hard earned privileges. Think about your ancestors.  Do you believe it was easy for them to enslave a whole race of people, damn near complete a genocide of Native Peoples while stealing land, intern Japanese in camps, perform public lynching’s during picnics, beat and brutalize children protesting for civil rights with batons, water hoses, and dogs?  Think of the precious wood that was used to burn crosses on front lawns that will have gone to waste if the country decides that a boy black man is fit to be president.  This all could have been avoided if you had gotten over your sexism and chosen Hillary. 

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