Christian Aerobics: Yeah Feel The Spirit

Because I am easily amused, I simply had to post this video.  Christian aerobics?  Is there anything that people aren’t willing to wrap in bullshit to sell. I think the guy in the back needs to pray that God will grant him a sense of rhythm.  Honestly, he makes the whole white men can dance meme believable.   Perhaps he can audition to be a back up dancer for Vanilla Ice, because he seems to have perfected the art of being one beat behind everyone else.

Well, I suppose that we have learned that real Christians only side hug but shake their booty for Christ if it involves making a profit. Come on everyone, let’s do the sanctified slide .  Come on now, you know you want to shake the devil off.  You know that nothing can escape the touch of true God fearing people.  What I really wonder is how we are supposed to take the public face of Christianity seriously, when they reduce it to pure ridiculousness at every turn.

H/T Jezebel

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