Chris Brown Wants Rihanna's Restraining Order Modified

Before Brown decided to beat on Ri Ri for daring to check his phone, I had never heard of the man.  Unfortunately, since that time I have become all to aware of who he is because of his sexist, colorist homophobic rants on twitter.  Yes folks, sometimes twitter is not your friend and erasing your tweet does not mean that it disappears. Who ever does public relations for Breezy B should really get him off twitter.

Well it seems that his royal highness heinous is once again troubled by being held accountable for his actions.  It seems that he would like to amend the order that forces him to keep his distance from Ri Ri because as his lawyer suggests, “It makes it difficult at award shows and such.”  After all, Brown has completed completed 581 hours of community labor and his 52 week domestic violence counseling, why should he be further inconvenienced?

From the beginning of this whole public saga, Brown has yet to show that he fully understands the harm that he has done.   His only concern has been to save his career and his latest suggestion only confirms this.  I am fully aware that we have a tendency not to give people who have been punished by the legal system a second chance but when it comes to things like domestic violence, rape, pedophilia, etc., these crimes are rarely ever solitary.  Some people simply don’t change, thus making them a real and present threat to the people that they prey upon.  The day that he beat Rihanna, was not the first time that he became violent, it was simply the first time that he was held publicly accountable. 

I know that there have been many who have suggested that Brown be given a second chance or that it is time to move on already and this is reflective of a cultural tendency to ignore the effects of gender based violence.  The truth is, even women as popular and privileged as Rihanna are viewed as disposable creatures juxtaposed to men and this is why some find it necessary to victim blame and ignore the long lasting results of gender based violence.  Brown will be able to forget his actions but Rihanna will forever be haunted by the bruises and pain that he inflicted.

I cannot say that I am sorry that Brown is inconvenienced.  He should be known for what he is and if the public shaming and limitations that come along with his punishment hurts him, then so much the better.  When it comes to domestic violence we need to stop giving up ground to abusers.  We need to stop making them our concern beyond stemming their actions and influence. Whatever Breezy is going through is not even a tenth of what he deserves. 

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