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I have just recently discovered the Chocolate News.  It seems to be an exercise in contradiction.


He actually made some very valid points in the above short scenes.  When I first saw them, I thought to myself, Chocolate News might be something worth looking into. I found myself nodding my head with a smile. Yeah, at long last a black situation comedy that has something to say,  until I saw this:

Why we cannot  produce one political or situation comedy that does not resort to this kind of sexism is beyond me. This is not funny or amusing, it is overly sexualizing black women for profit.  How does the failure of the no child left behind policy relate to women shaking their asses?

The producers of this show need to get together with D.L Hughley because clearly they are both interested in pandering to the worst elements in society. Bitches, hos, pimps, and pure foolishness is what they wish to represent to the world.

What bothers me most about this sort of shit, is that it upholds negative social constructions associated with blackness.  Now you just know, that if some bigot runs across this they are just gonna shake their head  yes, because to them this is just confirmation of the spew that Hannity and O’Reilly rant about our idiocy.

I simply don’t understand why this is necessary…Can someone tell me why, some people feel the need to live up to the low expectations that are placed upon black people?  Can someone please tell me why some people feel it necessary to reify the social constructions that serve to “other” us by schucking and jiving at every opportunity?  This isn’t Chocolate News, this is chocolate character assassination.

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