Children Called Filthy Trash and Niggers

According to the associated press, parents of students at Monroeville Junior High School have filed a discrimination lawsuit against administrators and the Monroe County Board of Education.

They say black students there have been called the “N-word,” “filthy trash” and are disciplined more harshly and frequently than their white counterparts.

Mark Boardman is the school system’s attorney and says the allegations of racism were investigated and found to be false.

So let me get this straight, 11 people got together and just made up racist taunts for something to do right.  They went to the trouble of filing a lawsuit, and getting the ACLU involved just to draw attention to themselves. Right…..I buy that line of  thinking.

Lets not stop and consider that those accused of calling children niggers, ( I will not say the “N” word) and dirty trash would actually have trouble  owning up to it.  Sure it is in their best interest to admit to racial taunts, and face possible discipline.  Many people espouse racist ideals, but few are willing to wear it on their shoulders like a badge of courage. Even the KKK wear white sheets to their cross burnings.

Good for the parents involved for challenging the school board.  Children require a hostile free environment to learn effectively.  To be subject to racial taunts, and demeaned challenges a childs self-esteem.  If they associate learning with this kind of behavior they will be less inclined to excel, thus setting the stage for a lifetime of underachievement.  Education is the key that opens the door to success and by filing this suit, these parents have affirmed this lesson to their children.  They have also taught them that in this world where they will be continue to be marginalized, it is important to fight.  Do not own the racially flawed ideas of others.  Your identity is formed from your own construction.

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