Charlie Sheen, “lovable bad boy”

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image Charlie Sheen is currently the highest paid actor on television. With performances in movies like “Platoon”, “Wall Street” and “Cadence”, Sheen has long since established himself as an A-list actor. His role as a so-called loveable bad boy on “Two and a half Men,” apparently largely based on his persona, has garnered him several award nominations. Audiences adore Sheen’s work as a fictional scoundrel, but the mirror image in real life is hardly entertaining.

On Christmas day, Sheen was arrested in his Colorado home after a 911 call from his wife, Brooke Mueller Sheen. According to MSNBC the police document accused Charlie Sheen of stating:

“You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I’ll kill you.”

“I have ex-police I can hire who know how to get the job done and they won’t leave any trace.”

This was apparently said while he was allegedly straddling his wife and choking her on a bed, all while holding a knife to her throat.

If Mrs. Sheen’s allegations are correct, Charlie may be a bad boy but he is far from loveable. This incident is only one of many that involve the mistreatment of women by Charlie Sheen.

* In 1990 Sheen accidentally shot his then fiancée Kelly Preston in the arm.
* In 1995 he was sued by a UCLA student who claimed he struck her in the head back in 1994 after she refused him sex. The case was settled out of court.
* In 1995 Sheen admitted to utilizing the services of the famed madam Heidi Fleiss, for the purposes of procuring call girls.
* In 1997 Sheen plead no contest to battery charges brought by former girlfriend, model-actress Brittany Ashland, who claimed that Sheen threw her onto his kitchen floor and split her lip.

Sheen is a man with a history of violence and drug abuse, yet he has not suffered any noticeable setbacks professionally. It is interesting to note that recently, Tiger Woods admitted to engaging in extra marital affairs which involved no violence, and yet he was dropped by sponsors and became the standing punchline of comedy routines. The fact that Tiger Woods is seen as Black, while Sheen as White (Sheen has Latino heritage, of course, but he is mostly understood as being just one of the white guys), might have a little something to do with the disparity with which these two men have been treated.

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