Charlie Brown Lies

 image In Canada thanksgiving is in October, and so our thoughts have already turned to Christmas.   Tonight as I was flipping through the channels, I noticed that Charlie Brown had a Thanksgiving special, and so I decided to let Destruction my 7 year old stay up and watch it.  This would turn out to be a terrible decision.

Instead of the usual holiday cartoon where Peppermint Patty invites herselfimage over for dinner, we were treated to their rendition of the pilgrims and their wonderful relationship with the Indigenous community. As the cartoon progressed I realized that as soon as it was over, I would have to inform Destruction about the truth.

Seeing this in cartoon form enraged me.  No wonder so many are still unaware of the truth when we have children’s cartoon indoctrinating the young with lies.  I could not help but wonder how many parents let their kids watch this travesty without comment. 

As soon as the cartoon was over I spent 30 minutes with Destruction informing him why thanksgiving is not a happy holiday for many Indigenous peoples.  When I asked him if he had any questions he looked at me and said, “Mommy why would Charlie Brown lie like that?”

Charlie Brown lied because we know that what was done to Native Americans in the name of conquest was wrong.  The degree of disparity that they continue to live with is wrong.  There is no justification for this, and rather than admit the crimes against humanity that were committed, we have decided to perpetuate the national myth of a friendly meeting of the minds. 

Children deserve to be told the truth.  It is today’s youth that are going to have live with the consequences of the decisions that we make today, and we should have the decency to own the ways in which we have perverted history to maintain our racialized and hierarchal society.

Though he is only a little boy, it was quite obvious to Destruction after our discussion that what occurred was wrong.  Not only was he indignant to learn that such terrible crimes were committed for us to be able to live in our homes, he was angered that he was lied to.  It is one thing to know that a carton is not real, but quite another entirely to discover that it went from imagination to plain falsehoods.  We owe our children more than this, we owe them the truth in all of its ugliness.  If a seven year old boy can stare into the face of history and see  injustice, than we all can.

Shame on FOX for presenting this cartoon.  Though this network has made it clear that racial sensitivity is something it refuses to consider, targeting children in this manner is an all time low.

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