Chad Ochocinco Goes Nude For PeTA

I fail to understand why celebrities believe that they are doing a good thing by getting naked for PeTA.  In it’s latest celebrity endorsement, Chad Ochocinco of the Bengals chose ink over mink.

 I will admit that the man is easy on the eyes, but it is not enough for me to forget my disgust with PeTA.  Though I am not a vegan, I completely understand why many are driven to fight for the end of animal cruelty. Slaughter practices in many cases are absolutely inhumane and the living conditions of many domesticated animals is atrocious.  That said, why is it necessary to support an organization that is known to be racist, fat phobic, homophobic, sexist and transphobic? 

While nudity is not always sexual, the nudity of a Black man is quite often political.  When I looked at this image, I thought of the various ways in which the Black male body has been sexualized to maintain racism. When we consider that much of the supposed social consciousness raising done by PeTA, involves exploiting or otherwise oppressing socially marginalized groups, it would be irresponsible to ignore that it is likely that the goal was exploitation rather than animal liberation.  I know that Ochocinco chose to participate in the photo shoot, but that simply makes him yet another dupe that is willing to do the work of Whiteness. When you actively work on behalf of an institution that has been known to be racist, you are an uncle tom.  I think the part that makes me the most angry is that a simple Google search would have revealed exactly what PeTA really stands for.  Instead of getting buck naked and hiding his junk, he might as well, have put a bit in his mouth and stood on the auction blog.  PeTA does not see Black people as people and he aided them in this construction. If you want to help animals that’s fine but doing it at the expense of some of the most socially vulnerable people is not. 


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