Castrate The Dirty Trannies

image I was reading Questioning Transphobia today and came across a story about mandatory sterilization of trans bodies in Sweden.  According to The Local this new legislation would make it mandatory to remove testicles and ovaries in each case of sex reassignment surgery.  This amounts to forced sterilization making pregnancies like that of trans man Thomas Beattie impossible.

This is not the first time that it has been suggested that certain bodies undergo castration.  It has been well documented that eugenics programs in North America castrated those considered to be mentally deficient, Native American women, and Black women without consent.  What these bodies have in common is that they are marginalized bodies.  Many prominent eugenicists promote racial and genetic purity without acknowledging that the perceived faults that they are critical of, stem from a direct result of the systemic social discrimination against the targeted bodies in question.

In the case of someone identifying as trans, eliminating their ability to reproduce will not reduce the amount of trans identifying people in society.  Trans people are born into CIS families, a fact that is over looked in this fear led legislation.  Just as you cannot raise someone to be gay, you cannot raise someone to be trans. It is either a part of their identity or it is not. A trans identity is just as naturally occurring as a CIS identity.

This proposed bill is the very height of CIS privilege.  This legislation amounts to nothing more than trans hate.  To assume that one group of people has the right to control the biology and reproduction of another is beyond arrogance and discrimination, it is dehumanizing.  That it even needs to be confronted as such symbolizes the degree of privilege CIS bodies operate with culturally.  If trans people were to suggest that CIS bodies should be castrated because they were somehow abnormal they would be dismissed as ridiculous. Just because a group of people are a minority within society does not mean that they are unfit to parent. Gender fluidity cannot and sh0uld not be used as an excuse to violate human rights.

You know I am done putting this nicely…I have been writing this post trying to politely to refute trans hate but you know what…This is just FUCKING WRONG, PERIOD.  Take your head out of your ass, deal with your bigotry and fear, and then come to the realization that no one has the right to demand that another undergo castration because you, that’s right you have issues.  Don’t even give me the bullshit line about your concern for the children either. They are always used as a convenient excuse as to why abortion is wrong, or gay adoption is wrong, but when it comes right down to it people don’t really care about kids or so many of them wouldn’t be living in poverty and without access to education, and health care…but it is all about the kiddies right?  So final thoughts, forced castration is wrong..I can’t believe I even had to say that in the year 2008.

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