Capitalism The Cult of I

We live in a false middle class world. Many wrongly position themselves in the class bracket that they feel to be socially acceptable rather than where they actually belong.  This is the result of having  a society based in consumerism.  Human worth is not dictated by moral fortitude, educational accomplishment, or even the ability to empathize with the struggles of our neighbours, it based in having more commodities than anyone else.  The shiny new car, the blood diamond ring, the house that is twice as large as needed all outweigh the person who sleeps on the streets, or the young families that nightly must visit soup kitchens for supper.  Capitalism is the cult of I instead of the grace and equality of we.

We have become indoctrinated with a false sense of entitlement as a way of justifying this soulless system.  I worked hard to get where I am, why should I be penalized for this. It’s not my fault third world nations are so poor they should do something about their government. I don’t give money to the homeless because they will probably spend it on booze. It’s not my child why should my tax dollars go to support her or him? There are jobs out there, people just don’t want to work. 

Value judgements and justifications are the rule of the day. To face the ugly truth of the system that we are forced to endure would mean realizing its predatory nature. The cult of I envisions the world through rose coloured glasses never recognizing that someone elses tragedy could befall us tomorrow. This blind faith in a system that has repeatedly proven that each and every single person is disposable, is the height of human avarice. It is a disgrace to the potential of humanity.

We can build pyramids, and send women and men to the moon. We are capable of the most fantastic dreams, and the most destructive nightmares.  We posture and preen with the greatest of arrogance, ignoring our dependence upon each other.  The cult of I teaches that achievement is an individual accomplishment whereas nothing could be further from the truth.  We speak about globalization and an ever shrinking world without seeing that our wealth is dependent on the neo-colonies that we have turned the so-called third world into. Still yet the falsehood of I reigns supreme, and is more fervently worshipped than any God, or idle we have ever chosen to sanctify.

The only allegiance the cult of I demands is to the self.  We have naturalized this and created this as normal though for the larger part of human history, existence depended on our ability to compromise, and work together for the common good. Today the idea of communalism is as fantastic as Moores Utopia, possible only as a work of fiction.  It is simply not deemed rationale to see beyond profit. Horde, horde, horde because the logic of worth and value preaches scarcity even in a time of prosperity.  This way of living is harmful to us as a species and to our planet, yet daily the captains of industry disregard this as they seek to increase their strangle hold on resources that belong to everyone.

This is not a time of peace and tranquility, we are at war with ourselves, it is only the declaration that is missing.  The top 1% daily marshals its forces and forever regroups and attacks leaving the global proletariat beaten but not demolished. Your empty bellies are your cry to battle, heed and follow your instinct to be validated. It is time to speak truth to power.  It cannot be natural to commodify food, water, clothing, education and medicine.  Despite the common rhetoric of the survival of the fittest, due to the interdependent nature of humankind this mode of living will eventually be our downfall.  Prosperity for the few, means impoverishment and loss for the masses.  I will not embrace the cult of I to profit from pain and invisibility, will you?



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