Canadian Government Passes Law Banning Gay Blood Donation

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With an election looming in Canada, there are many important issues to consider. For the GLBT community the re-election of the Progressive Conservatives is particularly problematic.  The PC’s have made it clear that it considers some bodies particularly diseased through the passing of legislation which bans the donation of organs and blood from gay men that are sexually active.  According to the CBC, “the donor will be excluded if they have had sex with a man in the last five years.”

Not only is this decision discriminatory, it further jeopardizes the lives of those who are desperately awaiting new organs. So entrenched is the homophobia that the government is will to overlook the health of the population. Canadian Blood services which recently ran a blood drive reported that “900,000 donations a year [are needed] to meet hospital demand in Canada. Last year there was a 2% growth in demand for blood and blood products – the largest in ten years.”

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