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I was over at Shakesville today when I learned about The Canadian F-Word Blog Awards.  When I went over to check it out, I discovered that two people had nominated Womanist Musings in the Canadian Feminist category.  I just wanted to say thank you so very much, it is great to know that what I do here is appreciated.  Not wanting to keep all the glory to myself, I suggest you run on over to A Creative Revolution and submit your favourite blogs, there are tons of categories to choose from.

Best Feminist Blog – Oh!Canada! English

Le meilleur blogue feministe canadien
– en francais

Best Feminist Blog-International

All from a feminist perspective:

Best Political blog

Best Personal blog

Best Media blog

Best Reproductive liberties blog-english

Le meilleur blogue canadien sur
les libertes *** – en francais

Most Regressive Progressive

Support Bro

Why the f&ck didn’t I say that? award.

The Rabid Fox Award, In Honour Of Heather Mallick, this years

MSM-Most Sanctimonious Misogynist in the media

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