Can You Sit Like Spider Man's Girlfriend Mary Jane?

Often when women are drawn in comics, either their positions are absolutely ridiculous, or the way their body is built in no way resembles living breathing women. This is why when I saw a contest to replicate Mary Jane Watson’s pose I was highly amused.  The following are some of the results.

I give them an A for effort because I am quite certain that I would have simply fallen over and bruised my arms trying to hold my boobs together that tightly.  I mean really, who sits like that to relax and manages not to spill a drop of coffee? I love that by simply replicating the pose that they prove exactly how ridiculous the drawing is. 

I know that comics spring from the imagination however, the depiction of women is too often highly sexist and reduces whatever power these characters are supposed to have.  No graphic artist would dream of posing a male character the way that women are often posed.  I hope that these recent efforts to expose sexism in comics will bear fruit. 

H/T The Awl via Jezebel

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