C Is For Cookie

image I clearly believe in ally work.  If one truly believes in justice then it is necessary to advocate for equality for all.  Ally work can be stressful and sometimes painful, but it is the right thing to do.  Some people believe that because they advocate on behalf of marginalized bodies that they deserve a cookie.   Just like a puppy being house broken they want a treat for doing the right thing.  The following is a list that many erroneously believe that they deserve a reward for.

  1. Not using racial slurs
  2. Not referring to women as cunts, bitches, sluts and whores
  3. Not using cisexist language
  4. Not hitting a woman
  5. Not raping a woman
  6. Not using ableist language
  7. Not using ageist language
  8. Not hitting a child
  9. Owning your privileges including but not limited to: race, class, gender, western, straight, cis etc
  10. Not being homophobic

Avoiding the aforementioned behaviour is part of acknowledging the humanity of another.  Expecting the marginalized body to issue you a cookie, or a stamp of approval is yet another display of privilege.  It is really quite simple, you either believe that all people are equal or you don’t. 

If you really feel the need for a cookie may I suggest seeing him. image

Now hit me in the comment section with your list of things that don’t deserve a cookie.

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