Black Lesbian Drama "Pariah" Comes to Sundance

I have not been able to learn much about this movie even after visiting the website. What I have to offer is a tiny preview and the words of Rod McCullom of Rod 2pt0.

The film is about 17-year-old “butch” lesbian Alike discovering her sexual identity with which contrasts with the feminine, obedient Christian girl desired by her family. Focus acquired the film for “less than $1 million”, adds the Reporter. The studio has a good track record of financing critically- and commercially-successful independent LGBT features, such as Brokeback Mountain, Milk, and The Kids Are All Right, currently nominated for four Academy Awards.

From what little I have seen, I obviously cannot make a judgment call as to quality of the movie but watching these Black women grace the screen I cannot help but be hopeful.  This year’s academy awards is going to be the Whitest in ten years, and as the nominees were announced, many could not help but wonder why it is that POC are once again being erased.  The media like every other institution is run by the White male heterosexual patriarchy and if the stories of people who have been marginalized is to be told, we have to tell them ourselves.

Sight on unseen, I hope the best for this movie.  Sight unseen, I pray that it gives voice to those that have been ignored.  I look forward to learning more about the amazing women behind this project and reverently hope, that their actions will inspire others to tell their own stories.

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