Buying A Trophy Orphan Is Just Part Of The Game

imageThe creators of Miss Bimbo have unleashed a new horror on the world – My Minx.  Players clothe their minxes in sexy lingerie and then they visit the adoption center, where they are encouraged to adopt “trophy orphans” that are based on real celebrity children.

The adoption clinic in a virtual Style City features girls called Pax and Maddox and a boy named Zahara after Angelina Jolie’s children.

The virtual youngsters have the same nationalities as Jolie’s with Maddox, three, said to be Cambodian and a fan of eating cockroaches.

Similarly up for grabs are Vietnamese noodle-lover Pax, five, and Ethiopian lad Zahara, four, whose favourite food is said to be guinea pig.

The adoption centre also boasts a David Banda, four, and Mercy, five, of Malawi, clearly modelled on Madonna’s adopted children.

And there is a Mongolian girl called Jamiyan – based on actor Ewan McGregor’s Mongolian four-year-old daughter – who is said to enjoy eating rats.

image Certain that they could sink even lower, they capitalized on the earthquake in Haiti and now you can adopt children from Haiti. The more children that you adopt and the more fashionable you make them, the greater points that you will amass.  Proving that there is always room for more exploitation, once you get your little adoptee fashionably dressed you can sell their images to celebrity magazines for profit.

FAIL, FAIL, FAIL….children of colour are not pets and the racist construction of their identity serves to minimize them even further.  I have spoken repeatedly about the problematic elements of these celebrity adoptions and as you can see by this game, adopting children like you are purchasing Prada purse encourages the belief that children of color have no value.  Why didn’t they just call these children animals because it seems that they are determined to infer this by their actions?  To make the minxes White, teaches little White girls that it is their role dominate POC;  it affirms Whiteness as good and necessary.

To make sure that they have all of their bases covered, the minxes are encouraged to purchase virtual condoms and buy the morning after pill.  What better way to deal with the after effects of clubbing, boozing and hitting on men.  When we consider that this game has players as young as seven, this is indeed a problem.  We actively teach racism  and sexism to children and they are not a naturally occurring force.  Children may see difference but it is society that teaches then to apply value to difference.  What are these little girls learning? This is not just a simple game when it imparts so many harmful messages.  

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