Burger King Flame: All Women Want The Meat

image It does not take long for a novelty item to play upon sex and sexism to sell itself.  I was peacefully watching Lou Dobbs when he aired a segment on FLAME, Burger Kings new scent.  For the price of 3.99 you can smell like a burger.

What could go better with a meaty man than a woman who is sexually overcome?  Don’t all girls just want the meat.  MMM yeah a meaty man is enough to get us to drool and forget the good sense that we were born with.

I suppose that Burger King plans to convert the worlds lesbians by sharing with the smell of FLAME.  I get the plan now. The desire for an over processed, high fat and sodium cardboard burger is enough to make them want the meat.  Flame is going to revolutionize sexuality.

It just occurs to me that while this whole crave the meat pitch that they have running “converts” lesbians, what does it do for gay men who already love the meat. I guess Burger King didn’t quite think this one through, unless of course it was to remind women that ultimately what matters  in this world is that we desire men sexually at all times.  Though this is just a cheap marketing gimmick  it still plays on the idea that women are meant to subvert their will to the great dick.  The advertising campaign stinks as badly as I am sure their new cheap cologne does.

Would it really be that hard to sell something without reducing women in this way? If the idea is to promote their burgers, shouldn’t that be the central focus, rather than having a  woman  become instantly orgasmic at the smell of this cheap shit.  Seriously, it reminds me of the fake moans that you see in every money shot in a porn flick. I am tired of the perform on cue, false female sexuality that is promoted by patriarchy.  This a male centred vision of how best to control women and it turns us into toys that can be easily manipulated for pleasure. 

I tell you they knew better than to hire me because my performance would have been reduced to single finger gesture. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

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