Breast Milk and The Exotic Palate

Each time I begin to believe that capitalism and patriarchy are not capable of exploiting women any further, some new ingenious manner of capitalizing on womens bodies is invented.

The owner of the Storchen restaurant in the exclusive Winterthur resort will improve his menu with local specialities such as meat stew and various soups and sauces containing at least 75 per cent of mother’s milk.

Doesn’t that just sound yummy everyone?  Now those with the finest of pallets will have the opportunity to sup on meals created with breast milk. Of course the women are being paid to provide the service, but ask yourself what class of woman is going to sell her breast milk?  Even at 4USD for 14 ounces of milk,  it is still exploitation,  and furthermore it is specifically female exploitation.

image Each woman has the right to do as she chooses with her bodily fluids, but how many will honestly make the choice to express milk for this purpose because of pleasure?  The women that will be participating in this latest capitol venture will do so to provide extra income for their families.  It will certainly not be because they enjoy the idea of being an exotic item on a menu.  This is literally eating the other.

Though he is paying these women, it will never amount to the profit that he will make from their bodies.  He is selling food, but how different is he from a pimp taking advantage of womens vulnerability? The privilege and the arrogance employed to believe that one has the right to consume another for the purposes of self satisfaction is a manifestation of the dehumanizing nature of both patriarchy and capitalism.

It is always womens bodies that are co-opted in this manner. This new bourgeoisie restaurant turns women into the equivalent of  dairy cows.  Can youimage imagine what the “got milk commercials” will look like? We are to believe that we live in a world of equal opportunity, but if this is the path that leads to emerald city, would we not all be better off clicking our ruby slippers and making our own transportation home? When you think about whether or not it is still necessary to invest in businesses run by women, remember this story.  This is what happens in a world wherein patriarchy controls the majority of the worlds wealth and women are devalued. 

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