Blame It On The Dirty Prostitutes


Bruce Edwards | The Flint Journal

According to the FlintJournal this sign was posted by Sherrie Lynn and Russ Palmer, “after watching drug dealers and prostitutes doing business on the street and finding hypodermic needles and condoms left in their yard.”

“We don’t want it here,” said Sherrie Lynn Palmer, 48. “There’s a lot of really good people around here. I don’t want to sit here and let the crime fester. It all starts with the prostitutes. It brings everything else. We don’t want it here. There’s a lot of really good people around here. “

So, if you happen to work in the sex-trade you are automatically a “bad person”. Good to know, I’ll keep that in mind when I try to ignore all the reasons why prostitutes are considered spoiled identities.  I’ll try to forget that society engages in slut shamming on a daily basis. I’ll try to forget the economic inequality that leads some women into this choice, and while I’m at it, I will just ignore the fact that some women choose this as a viable career, because what is the point of validating female agency in a patriarchal world anyway?

I personally love the way that women are blamed for running down the neighbourhood. It certainly could not be the fault of the predatory johns could it? Men cannot be taken to task for their sexual proclivities because well, they are men isn’t it obvious? The men are the ones wearing the condoms but the inappropriate disposal is the fault of the prostitute.

You know what I find interesting, men by far exist in a privileged position in this world and yet they are assigned responsibility for very little. Women who exist as marginalized bodies with limited access to power are to blame for everything. Does anyone not see something slightly off about this way of ordering society? Power with out responsibility would never be deemed acceptable in the business world where money is at risk, but when it comes to our social discourse we blindly give men a free pass without forcing them to own any of their privileges.

One of the major incidents that offended Ms. Palmer was being mistaken for a prostitute as she walked her dog.  Nope don’t want to be confused and accidentally taken for a bad girl. After all the effort of making sure her vagina is pure and sacrosanct, imagine the horror of being confused with a dirty slut…Again who are the ones approaching her…that would be the MEN. Who are the ones making her feel like less than because she walked out of the house with a vagina between her legs…aaah once again that would be the MEN. So she can put up all the signs she wants directed at shaming the dirty sluts out of her precious little neighbourhood, but until as a society we decide to deal with predatory MALE behaviour I’m afraid she is going to have to deal with being mistaken for a dirty prostitute…BTW I can think of a whole list of things I would be more offended by, like pedophile, rapist, murderer… the prostitutes hurts no one and that is something that should be remembered before we make a push to rush them off of our streets in an effort to sanitize the neighbourhood.


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