Black Postal Worker Slapped and Called the N Word

Last October Hugson Jean attempted to deliver a certified letter to Hingham resident, Erika Winchester, 61.  Ms. Hingham became irate after signing for the letter and demanded that Jean take it back.  When he attempted to tell her that she would have to return it to the post office herself she called him a nigger and slapped him.  When asked if he wanted to press charges Jean declined but has since claimed that he was not notified of this and absolutely wanted his day in court. Winchester however was ordered to write a letter of apology to Jean which she did do.  

Winchester has been in trouble before, including at a 2007 “Cabaret” fund-raiser during which she threatened to mow down “anyone who wronged her” with a machine gun, according to court records.

She also told the arresting officer she was going to “chop off” his genitals, court records show. Disorderly conduct and other charges were later dismissed.

Jean has since been fired and alleges that he was fired because of this incident. The postal service denies this claim.  He further alleges that his supervisors did nothing to investigate this incident though it was all recorded on tape.  The video has been viewed thousands of times on youtube and Winchester has since been placed under police protection.

The stories recounting this incident refer to her as the “crazy White lady.”  Others have since stepped forward and alleged that Winchester has mental health issues.  While I take issue with the disableism that is being used to target her, I do not believe we can ignore the racism that she engaged in.  Being neurologically atypical is not grounds to abuse anyone in this manner.  I do however believe that this incident is being compounded with the disablest language used to describe this woman.   While her actions are without doubt racist. using ableist language to attack her is committing another wrong and supports the very same hierarchy of bodies that lead to her attack on Jean.  One cannot eliminate racism by using disablism — every ism is harmful.

The following are the youtube videos of the incident between Jean and Winchester.  Please be aware that extremely racist language is used throughout.


Winchester: Just give me the fucking things back.
Jean: Ma’am Ma’am I can’t.
Winchester: There’s a police officer right there; he’s a friend of mine.  Now give me the fucking things back. I don’t want the letter.
Jean: Please don’t do that Ma’am.
Winchester: I will, I don’t want the letter, give me the cards back.
Jean: Ma’am please don’t do that.
Winchester: I said, I don’t want the letter give me the cards back.
Jean: You already signed for it
Winchester: That’s right, keep it, I signed it.  I don’t want it. It’s not for me, it’s not for me. It’s the wrong name.
Jean: How can this be the wrong name?
Winchester: The rotary club, my husband.  This is not for me, they addressed it to the wrong person.  I don’t want it and I don’t want to legally open it. I don’t want it; I want it back.  I don’t sign for someone else’s mail.
Jean: Ma’am can you just bring it back to the office?
Winchester: No, take it back because it’s not mine.
Jean: Ma’am I cannot give you this back.
Winchester: Why do you want the signature you fucking nigger thief? Do you want me to lock you up for life you asshole?  Give me my (indecipherable ) back.
Jean: Ma’am
Winchester: And I’m not prejudiced but right now I’m getting really pissed off.
Jean: Ma’am why are you calling me names?  I mean I’m just delivering your mail.
Winchester: Because you’re acting like a nigger now give me your cards back.
Jean: Ma’am Alright ma’am, I’m going to have to go, I’m sorry.
Winchester: Give me the cards back.
Jean: Ma’am I’m sorry.  Why are you calling me the n word?
Winchester: Because you are acting like a moron, give me the cards back.
Jean: I can’t ma’am
Winchester: Call me a nigger, I don`t care. Give me the cards back.
Jean: Ma`am, I`m not going to call you names.
Winchester: (indecipherable ) Could you give me the cards back 
Jean: I can’t ma’am.  I can’t you verified it and you verified that it was
Winchester: If I take it, I gotta sign for it and if I don’t take it I don’t.  If I don’t it I don’t want it.  There’s no money involved here.
Jean: Ma’am
Winchester: Give it back to me
Jean: I cannot do this. Ma’am, I’m late for the mail, I have four other customers. You’re holding me up.
Winchester: I wanna kill you.
Jean: Why you wanna kill me ma’am?
Winchester: I don’t but they will.
Jean: Who?
Winchester: The White people. 
Jean: White people
Winchester: You’re not doing what I need you to.  Now, please give me back this.
Jean: Ma’am


The video begins with Winchester slapping Jean.

Jean: whoa oh oh, why did you hit me ma’am?
Winchester: you’re taking things off me you idiot.
Jean: Ma’am why are you slapping me?
Winchester: Why do you want to do this?  You killed Martin Luther King.  You niggers turn on each other. You’re stupid. You turn on me, I’m your leader; you’re dumb.
Jean: Ma’am. ma’am
Winchester: You can all go under.  I can’t
Jean: Why you slap me ma’am.
Winchester:  Give me my fucking thing
Jean: You didn’t have to hurt me ma’am.
Winchester: You are being dumb. 
Jean: Well, why you slap me ma’am?
Winchester: I’m not slapping you. Don’t admit your wife slapping you. Take the letter, I don’t want the letter and I want my card back.
Jean: I don’t believe you doing this to me.
Winchester: Cause you’re a thief
Jean: Why are you calling me a thief?
Winchester: I want the cards back
Jean: I can’t give you the cards back
Winchester: You know what those people are doing?
Jean: Yes, what are they doing?  What are they doing ma’am? I don’t know
Winchester: I’m trying to educate you so fast, so that you’d understand.  The Black women are against the Black man because of, because they’ve been exploited so much.  They’re with the hiteresque people, they’re with the White people.  They work against Black men underneath it all.  There are very few White women who have the strength to work with for the Black man.
Jean: Can you give me a chance to call my employer before you slap me again?

Winchester: I cannot and you’re going to turn on me and then
Jean: I’m not going to turn on you ma’am.  I just deliver your mail and you slap me.
Winchester: But your IQ’s are lower and therefor the people that want to help you, you don’t believe them. Because you’ve been kept from being educated for so many years that the other people forged ahead and it’s true, you have to understand that.  My mother taught at a Black school okay. I looked at all of the IQ scores of the kids and they were all (indecipherable )

Jean: I don’t want to hear that story. The thing is, I’m here and you slapped me
Winchester: It’s true.

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