'Black on Black Crime' and the Hot Wing Controversy

For many members of the Black community chicken is no joke.  Monica Roberts,  of the popular blog TransGriot, talks about chicken so much that if the woman ever visits a chicken farm, the birds will all drop dead from fear.  My best friend has refused to ever purchase chicken and watermelon together at the grocery store and Destruction, my nine year old has elevated the love of chicken to the point that he is one malt liquor away from a bad stereotype.  I say again, chicken is no joke in the Black community. Even Tom Delay knew this and that is why he suggested that Obama have a chicken dinner instead of an inauguration, as a way to save tax payers money. Whiteness knows that we are sensitive about chicken and perhaps this why they keep using it to poke and prod us.

At Big Shot Bob’s House of Wings in Avalon, the owner apparently decided to name one of their wings Black on Black Crime. Take a moment and think about this.  I know that the owner was going for the as bad as you wanna be effect; however, it came across as good ole fashioned, white sheet wearing racism.  Black on black crime is destroying our community and sending Blacks to jail, or to an early grave.  To reduce this for the sake of a bad ass hot wing name is insensitive to say the least.

“If I had any idea this would happen, it wouldn’t have gotten on our menu,” said Big Shot Bob’s owner Matt Cercone. “We’ve been getting threatening phone calls here, and there are people saying we’re going to go out of business.”

Big Shot Bob’s is more popularly known for its 100 different flavors of wings, but it was the “black on black crime” wing flavor that generated the negative publicity.Channel 11 first learned about the controversy through our WPXI-TV Facebook page. A viewer wrote, “How about this for a story. There’s a place called Big Shot Bob’s house of wings and they have a featured wing called black on black crime.”Cercone said after he started receiving complaints about the wings name, he changed it. 

Cercone said he meant no harm and that the wing’s inventor, a loyal customer who happens to be African-American, came up with the name.”Offense was never part of anything,” said Cercone. (source)

I officially call bullshit.  Oh he didn’t know, he really didn’t know that minimizing the deaths of Blacks and then associating it with chicken could possibly be offensive.  Did he not look in the mirror and see his White face the morning he decided to slap that ish on his menu?  Then, and this is the kicker: he didn’t perceive anything as wrong, until Black folks said they were going to stop buying his product.  The fear of being poor certainly opened his eyes quickly didn’t it?  I am sick and tired of the apology after the racist behaviour has been completed and the damage already done.  If this man isn’t smart enough to see something this blatant, then he is not smart enough to be near a stove.

Then of course, out pops the mysterious Black friend who came up with this heinous idea.  I tell you, Whiteness has so many Back friends in their back pocket, I wonder how the weight does not cause people to have difficulty walking.  So, let’s just say that Cerceone had a Black bff that was so enchanted with coonery and buffoonery, that not only does she love Tyler Perry movies, she thought that naming some hot wings ‘Black on Black Crime’ was all that.  Hey, do people even say “all that” anymore or am I aging myself?  This did not mean that Cerceone should have followed along.  If she told him to stick his dick in an electric socket, would he have done it? This is proof that the man didn’t care about the harm that this name would cause, or he didn’t have the good sense that God gave cabbage.  Take your pick, but neither of the options are pleasant.

So, all you free market types are probably ready to declare this one a victory.  The threat of going out of business caused the man to change the name of his hot wings.  Well la te da and laissez faire; however, what did this actually accomplish?  Do you think that this caused him to think about his White privilege, or just realize that one cannot afford to piss off Black folk and stay in the hot wing business?  Oh I know, supposedly society is getting better everyday and we shouldn’t get ourselves into a snit, because we cannot even a damn wing without being reminded of how Black we are.  As the hot sauce rolls I suppose, but I would be willing to bet these few moments of embarrassment didn’t teach him a damn thing about the way his Whiteness allows him to trample over Blacks — except of course for his Black BFF.

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