Black Lawn Jockeys in 2009

It was a beautiful day yesterday, so we decided to walk home from Destruction’s hockey game.  We were laughing and talking when the unhusband noticed a black jockey proudly displayed on someone’s lawn.  I distracted the children because I did not want them to see it.  Seriously, in 2009 people are still openly displaying their racism like that.  Why don’t they just tattoo racist on their foreheads. 

Unfortunately, the camera phone on my cell phone is broken and so I could not take a picture of this statue.  I decided to look online for images resembling said jockey when I came across this.

imageAt first I thought it was a hideous statue from the past, only discover that it is new.  It seems that this disgustingly racist statue is currently being manufactured.   For a mere one hundred and twenty dollars you can have this symbol of racism on your front lawn.  It is too heavy to ship, so you have to pick it up from the manufacturer. 

Of course, property rights believers will defend the right to have this openly displayed.  This is not a harmless image.  It is a hate structure.  It only exists to reduce Blacks to ridiculous caricatures.   Simply seeing this is enough to remind the Black viewer that despite the gains of the civil rights movement and a Black president, we are still considered second class citizens. 

The fact that these horrible statues continue to be produced is a reflection of just how far we fall short of equality.  No similar structures exist to demean Whiteness.   These lawn decorations are considered quaint references to Americana…but in actuality it is the assertion of  racism and a reflection that the humanity of people of color has yet to be recognized.  One hundred and twenty dollars is the price that this company has chosen to place on the dignity of another human being. 

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