Black Child Akin to Monkeys

image Madonnas adoption of a black child from the African nation of Malawi, has recently been declared the same as adopting a monkey for the zoo.   It seems that  Brian Kilmeade,image from Fox network, thinks that  black children are tantamount to animals that need to be saved from savagery through kind white intentions.  While there are issues in terms of Madonnas adoption of David, it is not a reflection on the child himself, rather it is a reflection of the Kipling like standard that has become the norm in discourse surrounding African bodies.  When he “Took Up The White Man’s Burden,” he did so from a paternalistic racist position.  Black children are not monkeys!  Nor does white largess validate their humanity.  Once again blacks are created as ‘other’ and made fodder for ridicule to uphold white hegemony.  Shame on you sir, I would suggest it is you who needs to be saved from yourself. 

This clip was discovered at Racialicious

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