The Bi-deology Project

The Bi-deology project is about straight women dating bisexual men.  I am going to present this to you without comment because I would like to hear your thoughts.

“The Bi-deology Project” is a compelling, exquisite documentary series that explores the experiences of self-identified straight women who have dated men who also engage in gay sex and dating. As the “heterosexual” relationship is assumed to involve two strictly heterosexual individuals, what becomes the expectation of partners who are attracted to both sexes? With the overly sensationalized media focus on the “down low” bisexual man and the assumed negative relationships involving heterosexual women and men who engage in bisexual activity, the cast of “The Bi-deology Project” will discuss the uniqueness of these mixed orientation relationships, both positive and negative, and what heterosexual women can learn from men who don’t have an exclusive straight sexual identity. 

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