Being a White Female Rapper Does Not Give You Permission to use the N Word

Alright, I am sure some of you have been following the mess that Kreayshawn and her crew, White Girl Mobs have created since their first single.  There are many reasons why I find these women distasteful (note that’s me being nice) and chief amongst their justification of their continual usage of the N word.  Little Miss Gucci Gucci had no problem say the word nigga on twitter.

 I don’t care if change nigger to nigga, it still amounts to the same thing coming out of the mouth of a White person.  I don’t give a damn how down you think you are, you will never be down enough to say that word without the history of oppression and colonization perpetrated by Whiteness coming into play.

Not to be out done, V Nasty seems to feel that her use of the N word is absolutely justified because of her lived experience.

Yeah, heaven save us from White folks and their lived experience when it comes to race. Yes, growing up poor in a classist society is a form of oppression but in no way does that give one the right to utilize racist language, because no matter how much you feel like you have been in trenches right next to Black folks, you have not.  What galls me about this is that this woman absolutely knows that what she is saying is offensive and yet she has found a twisted way to justify this.

Time and time again when POC say that something is racist, Whiteness finds a way to justify it as though they have the requisite experience to decide on their own. The absolute refusal to listen to our truth is an example of the desire to maintain White supremacy.  The matter is further complicated because Whiteness can always find a useful fool (read: sellout negro), to defend their racist actions.  Rapper Mistah Fab came shucking and jiving to V Nasty’s defence.

There is always going to be an Uncle Tom who so invested in Whiteness, that they cannot see the forest for the trees, because their minds are so colonized that identifying with oppressor feels more natural to them, than defending their right to be treated with basic human dignity. These Black defenders are not proof that White people using the word nigger is acceptable, rather they stand as proof of how damaging it is to live in a White supremacist state.

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