Being A Black Male Does Not Give You License To Be Sexist

As a black woman it really warms my heart to hear black men express solidarity with us.  To hear them come to our defence when we are attacked or validate our worth as equal human beings is a truly wonderful thing.  Some men have confused supporting black women with making sexist commentary or reducing us to sexual beings in the guise of recognizing our fuckability beauty.  Guess what, you’re not fooling anyone.

They wax on, all smooth about how beautiful black women are rarely taking the time to mention that we are intelligent, or that we have goals.  Some even state openly they prefer black women to white women…yeah searching for brownie points there.  Why do they “prefer” us?  They prefer us because they think that we suffer from such low self esteem because of the race and gender hierarchy, that they can dominate us without resistance.  Black women are expected to just be grateful that we have been noticed and appreciated.  Oh look I get to be his Nubian slave queen. Now where did I put my push up bra?

I don’t know how many times I have run across ranking lists of black women done by black men that are supposed to signify that we are desirable.  Abagond is famous for letting us know how much he appreciates us by ranking and posting pictures of black women as a sign of his undying devotion.image image image image

Are you feeling appreciated yet?  Posting pictures of women dressed like this and then ranking them according to how desirable he finds them to be is supposedly not sexist.  Of course I called him out and his response was the following.

This list is neither sexist nor a case of male privilege.

In most cases you can tell if something is wrong or unfair by turning it around. This case fails that test.

After all, if you wrote about your favourite hunks and then ranked them according to how many hits those posts got, I would not be one bit offended. Why should I? In fact, I would find it interesting – because of what it would tell me about women and what they like.


Right because women exist with the same power to objectify men.  Another totally irrational justification but hey since it is a “brother” doing this it is supposedly okay. 

Lest Abagond whine and think I am singling him out, he is certainly not the only one to be guilty of such behaviour.

image Yet another black male displaying his love of black women  This photo is part of his “appreciate” black women monthly montage.

Nice to know that appreciation has nothing to do with the sacrifices that black women make on a daily basis.  It doesn’t speak about the difficulties we face in employment, housing, education, economic marginalization…OH NO….It’s all about tits, ass and titillation.   Then you get sites like Bossip who are more than happy to confer banger status on women, while reminding them to keep their legs closed unless they are married.  The worst offender by far is Crunk and Disorderly that spends its time disciplining black women when we don’t fall in line and show tits and ass on demand or our bodies don’t meet with media generated images of women. 

I feel so loved and appreciated.  All I have to do to keep earning that loving is  spread my legs when ordered, put on a push up bra, and smile pretty.  Hey maybe if I’m really lucky I can be fodder for masturbatory pleasures.  Doesn’t every little girl just dream of growing up to be the ultimate gizz magnate? 




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